The newly-built governance page will allow contributors to create proposals for the DAO to vote on. Thanks to the use of Github, any individual can submit proposal or make edit suggestions to existing proposals. All contributions, from draft to vote, will be accounted for in each proposals history.

The goal of this page is to encourage contributors to propose new QIPs as well as participate in the editing of existing proposals. The process to make a QIP is very simple and is outlined in the how-to below.

For more information about the QIP process, please read the QIP Procedures.

How to propose a new QIP

1. Fork it!

Go to the QIP repository and fork it Link to repo: To fork the repository, click fork on the top right. Button displayed in image below:


2. Go to the QIP page

Once you’ve forked the repository, navitage to the QIPs folder to add your QIP. From the main page, click on “contents” and then on “QIP”. You should see this:


3. Create your draft file